Macedonia Open: Letter from the organizers

Macedonia Open: Letter from the organizers

We're glad to share with you the following e-mail we received from the Youth Educational Forum, organizers of the Macedonia Open:

We would like to remind you that the registration of teams for this year’s Macedonia Open is running and will be open until the 15th October 2011 with a cap of 24 teams.

The tournament will be held from 28-31 October 2011, in Skopje, Macedonia. The official language of Macedonia Open will be English, and the debates will be in the Karl Popper format

This year, the tournament will have two prepared motions, two impromptu motions, six rounds, semi-finals and a final round.

The motions are the following:
Governments should restrict electronic communication in cases of protests and riots.
Governments should prioritize liberty over safety.

If you require inspiration about the tournament motions take a look at the first teaser video on YEF’s youtube:

More info on the application policy can be found on and inquiries can be sent to

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