Macedonia Open 2011: Debate tournament on Securing Liberty

Macedonia Open 2011: Debate tournament on Securing Liberty

The Youth Educational Forum [YEF] had the pleasure to organize the annual Macedonia Open tournament for the 9th time. The tournament took place in Skopje from the 28th till the 31th of October. The organizing committee is proud to report that debaters and judges from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and USA participated at this year’s KP tournament, having 18 teams debating each other in 6 preliminary rounds.

The debaters competed in 4 of the preliminary rounds on two announced motions, “Governments should prioritize liberty over safety” and “Governments should restrict electronic communications in cases of protests and riots. The other two rounds of debate were limited preparation time rounds on the motions “Governments should not negotiate with terrorists” and “Traditional media are more useful than social media”. With the selection of the “liberty versus security” topic, YEF made attempts at contributing to global debating on the number one issue of the year.

The teams from Croatia [Poplar Trees], Kosovo [American School of Kosova 1] and Macedonia [Veles and AoH] were the ones who won most judges' ballots during the preliminary rounds and entered the semifinals.

The two teams that made it to the finals were Veles from Macedonia and Poplar Trees from Croatia. After an excellent round, team Croatia (Ana Kralic, Jurica Petkovic and Petar Premelic) won this year’s Macedonia Open international debate tournament and traveled back home with the trophy, while Macedonian debaters were the ones awarded with the top speakers places. Ognen Jakasanovski was named as best speaker at MO11 with 492 speaker points, followed closely by Teodora Stolevska (who won 10th speaker place on this year’s IDEA Youth Forum at Turkey) as second and Sara Kajevikj as third speaker.

The YEF team hopes that everyone had a good and productive time competing at MO11 and looks forward to seeing many new and old faces at next year’s Macedonia Open.

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