Debating post 9/11 world


While Osama bin Laden's assassination has closed one chapter in history, larger questions about the consequences of that day remain.

Ten years on, IDEA launches a new programme, to challenge high school students from around the world.


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25 May 2012
The Youth Educational Forum [YEF] had the pleasure to organize the annual Macedonia Open tournament for the 9th time. The tournament took place in Skopje from...
25 May 2012
The students have arrived, and the taping has begun: Debating Across Borders is underway in New Orleans.Eight undergraduate students from France, Slovenia,...
25 May 2012
We're glad to share with you the following e-mail we received from the Youth Educational Forum, organizers of the Macedonia Open:We would like to remind you...
25 May 2012
The International Debate Education Association (IDEA), along with its partners the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and the Central European...